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IIoT and VOM measure the bigger picture to lower costs


The last decade has revealed some significant advancements to better understand the exposure that lead to a valve’s overall condition. Welcome to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Valve Operability Monitoring (VOM).

Technology has provided a new platform for pro-active monitoring of various assets in the end user’s process facility. As IIoT grows, the monthly data dump becomes real time monitoring with preventive maintenance and condition-based monitoring. All combined, it takes customer uptime to a new level of reliability.

Download the MOGAS TechTalk on IIoT and VOM, and read about the benefits to reduce repair costs and increase safety and production, and how pro-active monitoring facilitates further faultfinding, and rectifies problems before significant financial losses are sustained.

Read the trial results of a MOGAS valve and associated equipment in a commercial autoclave slurry discharge applications, and how by proactively monitoring the ‘big data’ with a systems approach impacted operations.

Download TechTalk – IIoT and VOM
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