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MOGAS aides those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria


The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season’s impact was felt far and wide as our Houston headquarters found out all too well. In addition to the devastation seen stateside, a mere two weeks later the island of Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

As MOGAS’ Houston office attempted to return to normal after Hurricane Harvey passed, we could not help but reflect on the devastating images coming from Puerto Rico. Our rep of over 20 years on the island, M.R. Franceschini, brought the story home by detailing how their employees and families had been affected.

As owner, Mario Franceschini explained, residents of the island lack clean water, power and communications in their homes and communities. Those who return to work, despite lacking adequate living conditions at home, travel through traffic jams due to lack of working traffic signals, and sit through lines for gas.

Even today, at least half of the island’s population is without power. However, the unimaginable struggle of attempting to rebuild in light of widespread destruction has been no match for the spirit, strength and resilience of the people of Puerto Rico.

In an effort to assist with recovery, MOGAS reached out to send much needed supplies to our friends in Puerto Rico. After collecting 1.5 tons of supplies throughout October and November, pallets of generators, flashlights, batteries, food, children’s books, clothing and toiletries arrived at M.R. Franceschini just before Christmas. While some of the items were used by M.R. Franceschini staff, the donations reached beyond San Juan, into the mountains where villages outside of the city were hit even harder, and recovery efforts are moving even slower.

We here at MOGAS will continue to work to support the people of Puerto Rico in their recovery. Our generous employees and leadership look forward to continuing to work together with M.R. Franceschini, to help the incredible people of Puerto Rico as they rebuild their neighborhoods and come back stronger than ever.

If you would like to donate to assist in Hurricane Maria recovery efforts, here’s a list of recommended organizations: