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Autoclave User's Group Conference 2018


Touching Base to the Benefit of the Industry

MOGAS hosted its bi-annual Autoclave User's Group Conference in South Africa from 12–14 Feb. The 60 conference delegates included 28 end users from nine autoclave sites that represented HPAL, POx and hydrogen reduction.
Barrick's Mark Buczynski explains the value of the Autoclave User's Group Conference in February 2018.

The core value of the conference was successfully met. It provided a platform for end users to actively engage with one another in sharing their experiences, opinions and recommendations on the day-to-day operational and maintenance challenges. Chaired by well-known keynote speakers, every session included comprehensive discussions on various hot topics, of which “scaling” was the most dominant aspect. Underlying sources and location of scaling—as well as ideas to minimize the extent and its impact on agitation, autoclave internals, process lines, instrumentation, etc.—were discussed in depth.

Many attendees confirmed their attendance at the next Autoclave User’s Group event to be hosted in 2020, and several end users have already asked to present at the next conference.

Attendees left the conference with additional knowledge and a stronger support network for their operations, which ultimately contributes to sustaining the overall health of the autoclave industry in the future.  



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