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MOGAS Response to Hurricane Harvey


We have received many calls and emails expressing concern for MOGAS and our employees after Hurricane Harvey. It touches me that I got a call from our rep in Turkey expressing his concern for all of us at MOGAS, and so many of our reps and customers reached out to check on us. Fortunately, our offices and shops were not meaningfully affected. We are so thankful, humbled and blessed. Much of the surrounding Houston area, though, was not so lucky. 

The response from Texas and this country has been amazing. I am sure everyone has heard about the big donations from celebrates and the JJ Wyatt fund, now at over $25M, I think. This generosity is just the tip of the iceberg. There were 1,000s of individuals who volunteered at shelters and at the Food Bank, who donated clothes and money, and who drove across the state with boats to rescue strangers. In the aftermath, volunteers showed up at stranger's homes to help carry the few precious items that could be saved through waist-deep water and muck, to cut sheetrock, and rip out insulation and flooring. And they opened their homes to those who had nowhere to go. Hundreds of people from different religions, races, sexes, churches, schools and neighborhoods did all they could to help those in needed.
This experience, while terrible, shows what our United States and the human spirit are about when we are at our best.

Thank you.

Matt Mogas
PS  If you are interested in contributing the Houston Food Bank is a great place to donate.
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