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Top vendors celebrate success


The 5th Annual MOGAS Supplier Award lunch was hosted at Perry's Steakhouse & Grille in Houston on Friday, January 29th. At this ceremony MOGAS recognized the outstanding suppliers who contributed to our company's success in 2015. Stringent criteria for selection included:
  • at least a 90% on-time-deliver rate
  • less than 5% non-conformance of PO line receipts
  • excellent documentation accuracy
  • a timely response to supplier corrective action requests
  • and successful cost control
All winners received a genuine MOGAS chromed ball valve that sits on a walnut stand with inscribed plaque.

Belleville International also received an additional plaque and dinner voucher for being a MOGAS outstanding supplier of the year for five consecutive years.

AccuWeld is a three-time winner.

A.W. Chesterton is a repeat (consecutive years) winner.

Choice Fasteners is a three-time (consecutive years) winner.

JCV Manufacturing is a two-time (consecutive) winner.

VanAire Inc. is a repeat (consecutive years) winner.

CNC Solutions, Inc.

U.S. Alloys, Inc.

ASAP Machine, Inc.

For further information about the Outstanding Supplier of the Year award, contact Jerry Jones.

Congratulations to this year's outstanding suppliers.

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