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The MOGAS in Spanish


After several years of tracking and evaluating visitor traffic to the MOGAS website, we have listened to our market and translated the MOGAS website to Spanish.

Why Spanish?
In 2011 MOGAS created a single web page in Spanish dedicated to 'MOGAS ball valves'. The goal of this organically optimized page was to reach our potential customers with Spanish as their primary language. After one year, new visitors to the site represented a 150% increase over the previous year from Spanish-speaking visitors. The success of this test prompted an industry-targeted campaign in the Latin American market in 2012. This campaign resulted in an additional 125% increase in Spanish-language traffic over the previous year.

In summary: a little over five years ago—before there were any Spanish pages—our website attracted about 1500 Spanish-speaking visitors each year. During this past year there were more than 9600 Spanish-speaking visitors... an increase of 640%. This substantial increase is mainly attributed to those dedicated Spanish pages. Other factors that attract Spanish-speaking visitors include the availability of Spanish-language documents (16) and videos (3).

Rosario Rincon, MOGAS Latin America Manager explains the importance of our new Spanish website: "The quality of our products has always been a tangible factor for our clients and now our permanent presence in Latin America is something they can perceive as well. Our webpage is available in Spanish, which enrichens the relationship with our representatives and clients; restates the promise and interest that MOGAS has with their Hispanic clients; foments accurate exchanges of technical information; assures 100% comprehension of the contents of our documents; and propitiates a better understanding of our value proposals with the best ball valve selection offers for the severe service application in the industries we serve."

Today, Spanish-speaking visitors represent 14% of our total website traffic. And, our page Válvulas para Transporte de Pulpa Minera ranks as the fourth most-visited page on the MOGAS website. Perhaps it will soon have company now that our website is in Spanish.
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