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Precision cleaning for industry


ISO 5, Class 100 cleanroom

MOMENTUM Services was established in Houston in 2012 with the construction of a meticulously designed 3000 square foot, ISO 5, Class 100 cleanroom.

While many of its unique features are ideal to support the valve industry in critical services such as oxygen cleaning, the facility is flexible enough to handle most commercial products in a varied range of unusual shapes, sizes and weights for precision cleaning. These products come from industries such as oil & gas, electronics, medical, manufacturing and aerospace to include:

  • pipes
  • spools
  • tube bundles
  • medical devices
  • electronic cables
  • equipment hardware
  • space flight life support equipment

MOMENTUM's certified technicians use various techniques for the cleaning of industrial parts and devices: aqueous, degreasing, multi-stage ultrasonic, hand-detailed wipe, solvent and high-pressure spray cleaning.

View our interactive facility map to see our capabilities.

To ensure cleanliness, calibrated UV light and white light support qualitative visual particle verification down to 50 microns. For quantitative inspections, MOMENTUM's particle-counting microscope verifies absence of contaminates as small as 0.5 micron, while an ISO 4, Class 10 work space houses a precision scale to measure molecular nonvolatile residue.

For the valve industry, MOMENTUM offers in-house valve experts to assemble customer valves. Alternatively, customer technicians are welcome to assemble their own valves. Valve pressure and emissions testing is performed after cleaning and assembly for external leakage per ISO 15848-2 and customer specifications.

All hardware cleaned within the facility is packaged and purged with clean, dry, oil-free nitrogen before final heat sealing. Each job is fully documented to define, control and monitor processes such as material flow, cleaning details, inspection results, packaging, labeling and shipping, and is accompanied with a certificate of conformance.

MOMENTUM Services is a trusted partner of national and international companies, including the US Department of Defense, NASA, multinational oil & gas corporations and leading industrial gas distributors, amongst others.

For more information about MOMENTUM precision cleaning, contact 281.449.0294, or

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