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MOGAS selected as one of ‘2016 Best Companies to Work for in Texas’


Each year, Texas Monthly magazine profiles the top 100 companies to work for in Texas in their special publication, Lone Stars Shining 100 Best Companies. MOGAS Industries, Inc. is on that list for 2016.

Managed by an independent workplace excellence research firm, their ‘100 Best Companies’ list is designed to recognize the best employers in Texas—the ones that make it a priority to create better workplaces for their employees.

To be eligible for consideration, companies must: 
  • be a for-profit or not-for-profit business or government entity
  • be a publicly or privately held business
  • have a facility in the state of Texas
  • have a minimum of 15 full or part-time employees working in the state of Texas
  • must have been in business a minimum of one year
To apply, MOGAS completed a two-part survey. The first was an organizational overview of company's benefits, policies, practices and demographics. The second, an employee engagement and satisfaction survey, which consisted of 78 statements that employees responded to on a five point agreement scale. The survey also included two open-ended questions and seven demographic questions.

The results are analyzed and categorized according to eight core focus areas: 
  1. leadership and planning
  2. corporate culture and communications
  3. role satisfaction
  4. work environment
  5. relationship with supervisor
  6. training, development and resources 
  7. pay and benefits
  8. overall engagement 
The selected companies were broken into three categories: small (15-99 employees); medium (100-499 employees); and large (500+ employees). Each category was shortlisted to 25-35 companies per category. MOGAS qualifies as a medium-sized company, which means MOGAS is in the top 30, or so, best medium-sized company to work for in Texas.

Where do we rank exactly? We'll find out at the Texas Association of Business Best Companies to Work for in Texas Awards Dinner and Celebration on March 29th in Austin.