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MOGAS ranks as 30th best company to work for in Texas


Houston, Texas – March 31, 2016 — This week in Austin, Texas, MOGAS Industries received an award for being the 30th best company to work for in Texas*.

MOGAS motto: "There's only one team at MOGAS, and you're on it."

What does it mean to make the list? To employees it means that they feel their work really matters...that they love going to work every day and will give the extra effort. To the Company it means their brand as an employer got a lot better. The Company also benefits by having a lower turnover, and a better reputation in their community and around the state. It means that MOGAS understands what drives employees, and that they hire better candidates who fit in with their team, their company mission and their core values.

MOGAS six core values are: 1) Everybody is the CEO of something. 2) Quality always wins. 3) Communicate, communicate, communicate. 4) Do what’s right. 5) Work with a sense of urgency. 6) Make work fun.

MOGAS customers also benefit. When a company works with MOGAS, every aspect of the experience is designed to provide the products, service, knowledge and responsiveness needed to get the job done – on time, as promised.

To apply as a 'best company', MOGAS completed a two-part survey. Part One (25%) was an employer survey that included their policies and experiences. Part Two (75%) was the employee engagement survey that measured how connected employees are to the company in areas such as leadership, culture, career advancement, relationships, trust and paid benefits. Statistically, 41% of the US workforce has an emotional commitment to their employer; MOGAS' employee emotional commitment showed 92%.

Texas Monthly magazine profiles the top 100 companies to work for in Texas in their special publication, Lone Stars Shining 100 Best Companies. See MOGAS advertorial on page 34 of this publication.

* category: 100-499 employees. Compiled by Best Companies Group in partnership with Texas Association of Business (TAB) and Society of Human Resources (SHRM)

Photo opportunity as MOGAS receives their award as a 'best company to work for in Texas'. Co-emcee Rebecca Thomas from FOX Austin looks on.

About MOGAS Industries
MOGAS Industries is the leading global severe service ball valve manufacturer, providing isolation and control valve solutions and engineering services for critical applications in power, mining, oil & gas, refining, chemical/petrochemical and specialty industries. Products include floating and trunnion ball designs for quarter-turn isolation, and custom trim designs for flow control. MOGAS engineering services are available for project support, offering application-specific valve designs and pre-engineered valve systems. Complete product support includes a totally customizable valve purchase and service plan. MOGAS can offer an unprecedented application-specific PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE—plus a Lifetime Warranty on materials and workmanship—on all their valves.

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