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MOGAS expands manufacturing


Increases capacity and workflow efficiency

MOGAS is putting the finishing touches on a two-year manufacturing expansion project that has added more than 25,000 square feet to their manufacturing facility and will provide a more efficient valve production.
Assembly received the largest space increase that will handle more and larger valves.

As MOGAS business increased year-on-year they were spending thousands of hours searching for, or relocating, product. The expansion will take MOGAS from 43,000 to 68,000 sq. ft. of dedicated manufacturing space.

Re-positioning the work centers allowed a more efficient operation as product flows through production. Raw material will be pulled from the new warehouse or layout yard. Manual machining and CNC shop areas were consolidated in the existing 30,000 sq. ft. high-bay portion of the manufacturing building near inspection. Lapping and finished parts going out to vendors for outside services were re-positioned. Almost all of the original 12,800 sq. ft. low bay at the front of the shop was demolished and rebuilt as high bay to match the roof elevation that remained. The width of this section increased from 50 ft. to 110 ft. to make space for a two-story parts storage cage. Assembly received the largest space increase with a new high-profile bay that will handle more and larger assemblies, increasing lift capacity from 25 tons to as much as 50 tons using two cranes on a 50-ton runway. These cranes extend from the mid-plant entrance, across assembly and into crating to allow parts to move without the need to drive though assembly with a forklift. The flow will finish at the crating and shipping area.

The cost for the expansion product was $67K on the yard expansion, $667K on the new warehouse, and $2.6M on the manufacturing improvements and construction.

MOGAS is known for continuous improvements, whether through listening to their customers needs for longer valve run times in severe environments or through workplace improvements.

Phases of Construction

Earlier manufacturing building with laydown yard 
  Apr 2014
New warehouse construction
  Aug 2014
New warehouse completed
  Jan 2015
New laydown yard
  Mar 2015
Demolition of original low bay shop
  Aug 2015
Concrete pour
  Sep 2015
Structural construction
  Jan 2016
Interior fittings and mechanical systems
The balance of equipment and parts are finding their places.

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