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KIPPsters Experience MOGAS


MOGAS recently welcomed nine students from KIPP Northeast College Preparatory and KIPP Polaris Academy for Boys, who toured the campus and met with every MOGAS department to understand its role within our business. Additionally, Matt Mogas discussed how important it is to like where you work, and Mr. Mogas explained the joys and frustrations of what it takes to start and maintain a business. There were many intellective questions throughout the day, as the kids took an active interest in the many facets of a manufacturing business.

‘It was an incredible experience for our kids and me! I truly feel like this was the best field lesson I have been on, considering students were able to see every part of a business. MOGAS is an incredible place accompanied by incredible people. At the end of the trip, almost all of the kids wanted to become engineers because they were so inspired by what the entire team at MOGAS presented. I admire your work and am honored to be a recipient of one of the many things you do.’
  Annie Hanrahan, English 1 Teacher
  KIPP Northeast College Preparatory

KIPP Houston Public Schools’ mission is to develop in underserved students the academic skills, intellectual habits, and qualities of character necessary to succeed at all levels of pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, college, and the competitive world beyond.

(KIPP = Knowledge is Power Program)

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