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Team MOGAS Honored at MS150 Award Banquet


On Monday night, Oct 5th, team captains and crew members who participated in the 2015 BP MS150 Houston to Austin Bike Ride gathered at an awards banquet to celebrate this year’s MS150 successes. Out of the multiple awards presented, Team MOGAS walked away with two of these prestigious honors! The first award was for the “Most Improved Average per Rider” by being up 134% from last year. This improvement is due in large part from the success of our Ice Bucket Challenge and other fundraising events. It is no doubt that Team MOGAS went above and beyond with their fundraising efforts, which is why the second award they received was for just that. Matt Mogas and Lisa Rodriguez were nominated and honored with the “2015 Fundraising Above and Beyond” award (read the nomination further down).
Left to right: Shawna LaVerde, Lisa Rodriguez and Sam Furman

Team Captain Lisa commented: “This award would not be possible without the support everyone gives to our team...from our awesome cook team, to our amazing support team to fabulous riders! Thank you everyone!”

In addition to the awards, Team MOGAS also has two riders in the 300 Club, which is an elite group of the top 300 fundraisers out of 13,000 riders. Each rider in this club raised between $8,994 and $138,332 (the top fundraiser). Team MOGAS members Shawna LaVerde ranked number 280, raising $9,081; and Matt Mogas ranked number 254, raising $9,651.

“2015 Fundraising Above and Beyond” nomination:
Matt Mogas is the epitome of going above and beyond. He not only excels in his fundraising efforts, but what is very special about him, and the reason why I am nominating him, is of how he motivates and encourages others to reach their fundraising goals. As CEO and President of MOGAS Industries, he has inspired a philanthropic culture throughout his company. From Jeans Week, where a donation is made to wear jeans all week, to matching out-of-pocket what the company raised for MS150 with a donation to ALS for our Ice Bucket Challenge, his caring and “do the right thing” attitude is inspirational and infectious. With the amazing Team MOGAS Captain, Lisa Rodriguez, who tediously works nonstop to manage and organize all of these events (and be the team “mom” during the ride as she is unable to ride), and Matt’s admirable leadership, it is to no surprise Team MOGAS exceeded their 2015 fundraising goal of $25,000 and raised $36,669.85!