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MOGAS Expands Manufacturing


MOGAS manufacturing capacity to increase

MOGAS campus improvements continue as manufacturing space is set to increase from
43,000 sq. ft. to 68,000 sq. ft.
Preparations are being made to construct a 10,500 sq. ft. building behind the Service facility. It
will initially serve as a transition area while the Manufacturing building undergoes expansion
and shop consolidation, then will convert to a warehouse. It is expected to take four months to
complete construction.
The expansion of the manufacturing facility will include teardown of the low ceiling height
portion, building in place twice the space with high ceiling bays. Many work centers will be
repositioned to accommodate a smoother flow of products during production taking into
account lean manufacturing techniques. All areas will be affected. The addition of two 25-ton
cranes will double lifting capacity, and the assembly area will be significantly increased to
handle more and larger assemblies. This remodeling and expansion will begin after the
transition area is complete, and will take about seven months to complete. In concept, raw
material will enter the back of the plant and finished goods will exit the front, eliminating wasted
time and improving efficiencies.
In addition, Manufacturing is examining all their processes to eliminate unproductive / low value
time spent moving paper and handling transactions. Together with the plant expansion,
MOGAS is expecting to see massive efficiency improvements.
The total investment in manufacturing facility improvements will be more than $3.3M.

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