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Metal-seated severe service ball valves for full bore, cold reheat applications

Solid rendition of Gen-X valve

ASME 600 / 900 / 1500 Limited Class: Designed to Meet TDP-1 2013

MOGAS Gen-X metal-seated severe service ball valves are engineered in accordance with ASME TDP-1 2013. The Gen-X valves are built and tested for the prevention of water damage to your steam turbines. The cold reheat drain, hot reheat drain and main steam drain Gen-X valves meet and/or exceed TDP bore and reliability requirements.

Dual metal alloy upstream and downstream seats with chrome carbide up to HRC 69 hard coating prevent downstream sealing damage from flashing, especially in carbon steel cold reheat lines.  MOGAS Gen-X valves are offered for both automated on/off and manual on/off valve applications throughout today’s power plant.

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ASME TDP-1 2013
  • Built for the prevention of water induction into steam turbines in cold reheat applications
  • Meets and exceeds full, 2-inch bore reliability requirements
Two-Piece, Cast Body
  • Available in materials WCC, WC9 and C12A
  • Allows for valve repairability
Seat Spring

Assisted by line pressure, provides a constant mechanical force on ball against seat to maintain seal

Ball & Seats
  • Mate-lapped for 100% sealing contact
  • Ensures absolute shutoff
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Seats are protected from flow in open / closed position
  • Seats are field replaceable
Inner Stem Seals

Provides a reliable combination of bearing and pressurized stem seal

Quarter-turn, Non-rising Stem
  • Live loading
  • Quick open / close operation
  • Extends the packing life

Cold reheat drains,
  850°F (454°C) or below
Attemperator spray blocks

End Connections



2 inch